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The 'Celt+Inka' Perspective: Connect with the sacred old ways for a meaningful simple life now

Updated: Apr 24

This blog is for the history buff, travel enthusiast, and those interested in other cultures, nature's cycles, and sacred symbols.

The Celtinka Perspective comes about from the union of myself being of Irish descent, and my husband being of Peruvian descent. If you’re familiar with Irish literature and the Blarney Stone legend then it will not surprise you that the Celtic half of this union authors this blog.

Journaling from the trail, connecting with nature, and musing about the sacred old ways.

Ancestry Plays a Role in Your Identity

My father and I met face to face for the first time when I was 18. While sitting at lunch, there were dozens of questions on my mind but my nerves only let me ask precious few of them. I glanced down at his jacket and noticed a leprechaun pin. Of course, he was Irish! Our last names were the same but I never really gave it much thought before. At that moment, I felt a deepened sense of identity realizing all of the characteristics, mannerisms, and quirks I had inherited. I began to fully understand what it was that made me ME.

Heritage Fosters a Sense of Community

This prompted a life-long study of Irish ancestry and Celtic history. Once I had children, it became important to me that my kids were in touch with their roots and could celebrate customs from both parents’ backgrounds. That’s when my research expanded to my husband, their father’s, Peruvian culture and the Inca people he decends from.

Reader, you may not know for certain about your own personal lineage. Maybe you find yourself feeling disconnected and ungrounded. The lessons from those that came before us are based on the rhythm of nature and can give you a sense of belonging. There is a whole community of people using the power of sacred symbols to bring energy and change into their lives by understanding their meaning. The teachings from the old world are available to all of us. 

You do not need to have Irish ancestry to feel a connection to the triquetra. Indeed, it has many translations and its application serves as a reminder of what is important to you. When you see this symbol you’ve purposefully placed in your environment, it is a tool to help you keep your priorities and guide your decisions. 

You do not need to have Peruvian ancestry to value the Chakana Andean Incan Cross with its many translations about the nature of the universe and being a map for our inner world improvement. We are all deserving to learn from world history and benefit from the teachings of ancient civilizations. You are a part of the growing community that shares this interest.

Old Traditions Transform into New Celebrations

Based on ancient practices, my husband and I created new traditions that respect our blended histories. I started to look closely at the many elements that overlapped in Celtic and Incan cultures and celebrate them. For instance, there were corresponding ancient symbols like the spiral that were significant and incorporated into our daily lives at home. We felt a connection to the bigger picture, a greater context of time and place, extending all the way back to our beginnings and out to the future ahead, from Ireland to Peru, and now in the United States.

The desire for a simple life with meaningful customs and a nature-based belief system resulted in the observations of this blog. At first, my intention was simply to share my findings with family but it occurred to me that they may be of interest to others or even helpful.  

As you get older, you start to wonder what mark you’re leaving behind. It’s my sincere hope that some idea expressed in the following posts rekindle a connection to ancient wisdom and invites the use of sacred symbols back into modern life. Shop or Subscribe



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